10 #DraftHorseProblems: What’s Yours?

You’ve gotta love draft horses, though their height does complicate matters…

[top image: Wikimedia Commons]

Draft horses are generally very sweet and quiet. But when your horse is 17+ hands and over 2000 pounds, riding them can present certain challenges…such as:

When a cooler for an average-sized horse is a quarter sheet on your draft.


Does this make my butt look big?

When you look at the wall of halters at the tack shop and nothing says “draft.”


Yeah…not gonna fit.

[Sesroh Tack Shoppe]

When you do a trail challenge and the two-step mounting block becomes its own obstacle.


Cat – 1.5 hands
Mounting block – 4 hands
Draft horse – 17 hands+
The math just doesn’t work out.

When your horse wants ALL the hay.


(don’t worry, she was saved from the round feeder safely)

[Alyssa Beck]

When you struggle to find a farrier who will do drafts.


[Sandy Ziegler at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue]

When you try to get a horse with GIANT shoulders and a big heavy neck to get off the forehand.


[Wikimedia Commons]

When it’s the morning of a show, and you run out of Orvus paste to clean feathers.


Because they don’t stay this white for long.

When you don’t realize you missed a spot while grooming until you’re up on the horse…and you still can’t reach it.chance

[Amanda Rose]

When you’re really tired from riding, but then you realize it’s a really long way down.


[Amanda Rose]

When you get funny looks at schooling show hunter under saddle classes.

youthus[Horsin’ Around]

What are your #DraftHorseProblems? Share in the comments below!

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