7 Supersized Horses

Sampson, a Shire horse gelding foaled in 1846 in England, stood 21.2½ hands tall and weighed 3,300 pounds. He is the tallest horse ever recorded, but some modern-day contemporaries give him a run for his money.

Top photo: historicalside.blogspot.com


Luscombe Nordram of Australia is 20.1 hands tall. [telegraph.co.uk]


In England, a Shire horse named Cracker was measured to be 19.2 hands tall. [horselovers.com]


Jenson’s Diplomat Tina of the Jenson Shire Farm in Blair, NE, was measured 20 hands barefoot and 20.1 hands with her shoes on. [jensonshires.com]


Poe of Ontario, Canada measures in at 20.2 hands. [pinterest.com]


Radar is a Belgian Draft Horse foaled in Iowa who stands  19.3 1/2 hands tall. [dailymail.co.uk]

Diplomat final

Diplomat is the sire of Jenson’s Diplomat Tina, mentioned above, and measures 19.3 hands. [jensonshires.com]

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