Tearjerker: Horse/goat friendship will make you cry

Grab the Kleenex for a big warm fuzzy tale of friendship between a couple of old goats. Except one's a horse.

jack and charlie


When 24-year old rescue horse Charlie went blind in one eye, his owners considered putting him down. But his pal Jack, a senior goat, butted in. Their story is featured in a collection of amazing friendships in Nature's “Animal Odd Couples.”

Always keeping to the side where his friend could still see, Jack led the horse across the forested property to prime grazing spots and back. The owners realized Charlie had lost his vision in the other eye when Jack began leading him from the front.jack charlie 2

One day, after a microblast, Jack came running home, “screaming like 'Timmy's in the well!'” said his owner. Then, the goat led them to where Charlie had become trapped by a tangle of blown-over trees. Rescued, the two ambled home together. “After that, I no longer worried about my blind horse,” she said.

“Charlie has all the things a normal sighted horse would have thanks to an old goat,” she says. The two never left one anothers' sides for 16 years. He could differentiate Charlie's hoofbeats from those of other horses' without having to turn around. “He knew them like his own heartbeat,” she said. Take a look (with Kleenex):

Go Riding.


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