Best of Craigslist: Sexy Pony Named Brad Pit (sic) – $950

I KNEW I’d seen this pony in Fight Club. Read on to meet “Brad Pit” in the latest edition of “Best Worst of Craigslist.”

Top photos via Wikimedia commons (left) and Craigslist (right)

Just $950 for THE Brad Pit (sic)??? I’ll take two, please! Here’s the full ad, with a hat tip to Eventing Nation reader Kaylee Hone for sending it in:


Sexy Pony – $950 (Seffner) sells this pony:

Breed: Andalusian pony

Gender: Male Stallion- stud

Color: white

High: 9 hands

Name: Brad Pit

Age: proximally 10 Year old

Performance: Rideable, Does no bite, Does no kick, very strong and energetic. This beautiful pony has excellent phenotype; small ears, long mane. Very wide table neck, fat, curvy and healthy.

Price: $950

Option: we also may trade him for a regular horse-mare.. If you would like to do so. Please email pics of your mare first to me,

More photos of the sexy pony are over on the ad.

Go Craigslist.


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