Best of Craigslist: ‘Dressage Show Spokesmodel’

But there’s one important requirement: You need to look good in a bikini. WHAT?!?!?!?

Dressage Show Spokesmodel (New England)

We travel throughout the country (starting with the Northeast) to Dressage shows and set up to show off very high end saddles (they range from about 3000 to 6000.00 each).

This will be from July through September/October.

If you are interested, we then head back down to Florida, and spend about 4 months in/around Florida; starting in December, mostly in Wellington until about March of 2015.

We are the sole importer of a new highly advanced technologically model designed in Germany.

You would earn a salary plus a bonus for every saddle sold.

You must be 18 or older, female, in good shape, and be comfortable talking to people.

Equestrian experience is helpful but not required.

Please send pictures (to include head shot and full body shot – preferable in a bikini or tight fitting clothing…you will be wearing equestrian attire and it fits snugly)


Christine R. sent us this one: “Rome and gleden, lol.”

6 year old Red Rome Quarter horse gleden

Easy going horse just not for a beginner .. Thinking about changing up to a walking horse . Looking for a good Home price may very ..



Kari B. writes, “I screenshot this one about a year ago, and was just cleaning out my Imgur account when I found it. Not sure if you want to use it, but I still think it’s funny. (Notice the horse that’s in the foreground is NOT the one for sale…)”



This one is from Lynn, who writes, “We’re rich! Think of all of the bits you have at the bottom of the tack box that have a bit of rust on them. Don’t throw them out. Those are rare antiques worth $50 bucks a pop! No matter you can buy a new one of these for $12.99.”

Antique Horse Harness Bit Bridles Double Primitive – $50 (Graham)

This is an antique iron horse bit. The rings are each inches wide. Total length is 12 inches

The shanks are twisted iron. Great shape a little rust for character.

You could make this into a towel rack, candle holder or just use as a Western display.



On a somewhat related note, Lynn shared this story:

“I offended the young lady at the cheese counter by photographing the Himalayan  salt lick being sold at the counter with the fancy cheese. It is in exactly the same plastic packaging that they have at the feed store the only difference is the label and the price. Dover Saddlery sells the exactly same thing on line for $9.99. The cost at my grocery… $39.15! I think I spooked and snorted. The young woman behind the counter could barely hide her disdain. ‘You feed your HORSE Himalayan salt?’ Obviously said horse was overly pampered in her mind. Little does she know he has access to three different types of salt if he chooses to partake of them. She was sure this block was better. ‘Oh this is human grade salt.’ No, I’m sorry. It’s the same thing — only more expensive.”



And… one more that’s not quite Craigslist but is a hilarious commentary on the cluelessness of non-horse people all the same. Kelli L. explains, “I was driving yesterday and saw this sign at the corner of a pasture in a rather high traffic area of Oklahoma. The sign says ‘Horses are fine. They lay down if tired.’ There are usually three to four horses in the pasture, so seeing any of them laying down is normal since I drive by there two to three times a week, contingent upon where I’m going, obviously. I guess someone freaked out at seeing one or all of them lying down at any given time. When I saw that sign, I started laughing and couldn’t quit for at least five minutes.”


Oh my. Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows–maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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