Video du Jour: Feathers Fly in Shire Race

Lingfield Park held its second annual Shire horse race on Saturday in Surrey, England, and it proved to be a thunderous, feathery occasion.

The Shires raced two furlongs, with Morpheus and jockey Mark Goldstein ultimately emerging victorious. Jack Flash and Curious George followed in second and third places.

The video shows the whole post parade and gives some fun background on the Shires, so it’s definitely worth watching the whole thing. If you just want to watch the race, skip ahead to the 14-minute marker.

On a historical note, the race took place on June 28, which is Armed Forces Day in Great Britain. This year’s holiday commemorated the 100th anniversary of World War I.

Jax Gardiner of Hurst Green Shires, who owns both Jack Flash and Curious George, told Horse & Hound: “Shires played such a crucial role in this conflict and I have been working closely with the Army on how we can help to mark the commemorations this year.”

Go Shires, and Go Riding.


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