That Horse Is HOW TALL???

The world’s tallest horse and the world’s tallest donkey wowed spectators at the Midwest Horse Fair this weekend. Lindsay Rausch gets the scoop.

Top: “Big Jake,” via Guinness Book of World Records

From Lindsay:

On this blustery Sunday afternoon a little web surfing seemed to be in order and topping out my search was a short clip from the Midwest Horse Fair, held this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. The world’s tallest living horse and donkey were on hand.


The Michigan Belgian, Big Jake, measures in at a not-so-modest 20.2 3/4 hands. Forget a mounting block: It would take a step ladder to climb on top of this big guy since at the shoulder he is over 6’10”. Some NBA players would not be able to see over the top of his back!

[Guinness World Records]

When they say everything is bigger in Texas, they might be right: Romulus, an American Mammoth Jackstock from Waxahachie, Texas, measures an impressive 17 hands. His brother Remus is a scant two inches shorter.



Next time you wish that your horse was just a little taller remember these giants and be careful what you wish for!

Go Riding.


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