Video du Jour: The world’s smartest horse?

Meet Lukas, a 19-year-old off-the-track thoroughbred that the Guinness Book of World Records has declared “the smartest horse in the world.”

Lukas is able to count, identify different numbers and shapes, spell his owners’ names, and perform various tricks. On June 16, 2010, he swept the Guinness record for “Most Numbers Identified By a Horse In One Minute”–he identified 19.

Other tricks include the ability to fake lameness, nod “yes” and “no,” curtsey and bow.

He is owned by Karen Murdock of Walnut, California.

Here’s a new video of Lukas showing off his number-identifying talents.

There are several more videos online via Lukas’ YouTube channel, and you can also check out Lukas’ website here.

Go Lukas.

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