Horse Freaks & Freak Horses: The world’s smallest horse

Today we meet Thumbelina, a 17.5-inch tall dwarf miniature horse who holds the title of World’s Smallest Horse in the  Guinness Book of Records.

Some facts about Thumbelina:

–She is a resident of Goose Creek Farms in Missouri.

–She weighs only 57 pounds (compare to the average miniature horse, which weighs between 175 and 225 pounds).

–Her barn is a doghouse.

–She eats twice a day. She eats 1 cup of grain and a handful of hay for breakfast and dinner.

–She was born on May 1, 2001.

–At birth, she was 8 ½ pounds and 10 inches tall.

–Her owners founded the Thumbelina Charitable Foundation and the Thumbelina Children’s Tour.

–She has made  hundreds of stops in all 48 lower states to visit tens of thousands of sick and suffering children.

–She has her own Facebook page, which seems mostly dedicating to talking smack about the world’s smallest stallion, Einstein.

–There was some commotion in 2010 when Einstein was born, as some predicted he might take over Thumbelina’s title. But he matured to 20 inches.

–Thumbelina has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, Chelsea Lately, Inside Edition, Regis & Kelly, MSNBC, CNN and Fox & Friends.

–She’s visited the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls and Graceland.

–She’s attended St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox baseball games.

–She’s been honored with an International Humanitarian Award.

To learn more about Thumbelina, visit her website.

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