Quiz: What’s Your Western Performance Style?

In response to last week’s What’s Your Sporthorse Personality? quiz, Lindsay Rausch asked, “What about us western riders?” So, cowboys and cowgirls, here’s one just for you.

From Lindsay:


When driving you would rather…

a. Take a nice open road and just cruise.

b. I’ve got the need… the need for speed.

c. Give me a Jeep and let’s go off road!

d. I want to test the brakes.

e. It’s time to drag race: ready, set, go!


At work you…

a. Don’t get worked up by much and try to just keep it smooth.

b. Are always going in three directions at once.

c. Aren’t afraid to break with the process and do what you have to to get the job done.

d. Your desk is in perfect order with each item in its right place.

e. You work with focus and purpose.


Your idea of a good time involves…

a. Sitting back in a rocking chair on the porch of a log cabin looking out over a lazy river crossing a meadow.

b. Where’s the party?

c. Extreme 5k, bring on the mud and obstacles.

d. Painting, crafting or anything else that takes precision to create.

e. A long soak in a hot tub followed by a deep massage.


When at the fair what can you not miss (besides the horses, of course)?

a. Walking through the 4-H and open class project buildings.

b. The crazy rides that send you upside down, sideways and every which way.

c. Watching the Diving Dogs, Wild Animal show, etc.

d. The demonstrations in the Expo Building.

e. Bring on the Demolition Derby!




If you picked mostly As…

You’re WESTERN PLEASURE all the way. You like your gaits smooth and relaxed, and you’re always dressed to the nines.


If you picked mostly Bs…

You should be RUNNING BARRELS. You need a 1D/2D barrel horse. You want the action of fast starts, fast stops and agility.


If you picked mostly Cs…

COMPETITIVE TRAIL is for you. You want to go racing through intricate courses that test both horse and rider.


If you picked mostly Ds…

You need a REINER. You are refined, intrigued by process and always in control. Not to mention that slide and spin. Who else can do that?


If you picked mostly Es…

You are headed to the rodeo to do a little BULLDOGGING. You are ready to run that line and drag a steer to the ground. Nothing but speed and a straight line will do.


How did you fare? Share your results in the comments section below.

Go Riding!


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