What your fly bonnet says about you

Take Carley Sparks’ quiz to find out what your horse’s fly bonnet says about your personality!

Top: Hand made Horse Fly Bonnets, $45 from Etsy.com via CrochetEquineBonnet.

From Carley:

Personality shows up in everything we do. The music we download, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear—it all reflects how we view and interact with the world. And people judge us accordingly.

Experts have made a science out of interpreting how our outer actions reveal our inner qualities. They call it “profiling.” You may have heard of it. On prime time. Or Dexter.

The same principles apply to fly bonnets. You may not realize it, but the fly bonnet you choose speaks volumes about the person you are. But what do they say, specifically?

Debra Morgan investigates…


Your image: Easygoing. Or frugal.

Sport a monotone bonnet without embellishments and folks see you as laid-back and uncomplicated. Or just really cheap. It’s a fine line. Either way, you probably don’t care. You aren’t worried about the latest trends in bonnet fashion or coordinating accessories. Your plain Jane bonnet tells us so.

Who are you? You drive an older model car, have a tendency to “forget your wallet” on dinner dates and are more likely to offer houseguests a sweater than you are to turn up the heat. Or, you’re just broke. The message is the same: bonnet, schmonnet, I’m here to ride.


Crochet Ear Net. $9.95 from SmartPak.


Your image: Princess.

You agonized over slightly different shades of pink yarn and gave such precise instructions it took more than 45 minutes to order your bonnet. Then you called back to change your order. Twice. You just want your bonnet the way you want it. Either you don’t realize you are impossibly fussy or you do and simply don’t care.

Who are you? It depends on the rhinestones.

One row and you are a fashionista. You’re hip to the latest trends and always one step ahead of your friends. You’re the Lauren Conrad of show jumping. But better.


Purple Bonnet with Silver Set Purple Bling and Swarovski
Crown, $45 from ShowSelectBrowbands.com.

Three or more rhinestone rows, and you’re heading into Paris Hilton territory. It’s where the high maintenance people live.


Black Bonnet with Triple Crystals, $140 from De La Coeur.


Your image: Sophisticated.

You have a cultivated taste for luxury. You’ve taken the time to educate yourself on bonnet fashion and know exactly what you want: understated, not boring. Quality detailing. Pretentious adjectives. You put the substance in style and would never ruin a good bonnet with excessive embellishment. It’s trim or scalloped edges. Never both.

Who are you? If James Bond had a horse-riding sibling, it’d be you. You enjoy fine wines and a good single malt scotch. You wear name brands and drive an imported car with an excellent sound system. But you never play it too loud.


Horze Toulouse Fly Bonnet in Chocolate Chip, $17.99 from TackRoomInc.com.


Custom Mattes Couture Ear Bonnet, $98.95 from SmartPak.


Your image: Adventurous.

Hold onto to your hat, the good times are here and they’re screaming your name. You are adventurous and fun loving. You’re not afraid to try new things and live “on the fringe.” You’re up on the hottest bonnet trends and secure enough to sit behind a frilly bonnet with rhinestones AND trim.

Who are you? A bachelor/bachelorette, a professional woman ready to let her hair down or one member of an all-girl posse.


Hand Dyed Pink Bonnet with Silver Set Clear Bling, Double Hearts and Black Lace, $35 from ShowStyleBrowbands.com.


Hand Beaded Equine Fly Bonnet, $15 from Etsy.com via SteelCityEquine.


Your image: Say it loud. Say it proud.

Convention be damned, you’re colorful and you’re not afraid to shove it our face! As far as you’re concerned, rules were made to be broken and you’re just the one to do it. You’re not above screaming in the ring, obnoxiously bright polo shirts or glitter on your tack. You are YOU, girlfriend. Ain’t no one gonna steal your shine.

Who are you? Snooki Snickers, season one of Jersey Shore.


Royal Blue Fly Bonnet with Aqua Sparkles, $35 from ShowStyleBrowbands.com.


Black Bonnet Featuring Red Lycra Ears and Front V Covered in Black Lace, with Black Lace Trim and Matching Red Show Bow, $55 + $15 from ShowStyleBrowbands.com.

Go Riding.

Carley Sparks provides mostly-true coverage of hunter/jumper sport in North America at getmyfix.org. Stop by! It’s fun there.


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