Shetland Pony Stallion Abandoned at Bus Stop

Left with few teeth, bad feet and no exact change at a bus stop in Britain, things didn’t look good for one very adorable pony.

Top: Photo courtesy of Turners Coachways who kindly brought a coach to HorseWorld’s Welfare Department free of charge in order to re-enact Buster’s rescue.

A very shaggy, very patient Shetland pony stallion was left tied to a bus stop in the middle of the British city of Bristol last month when authorities called HorseWorld equine rescue.

“When we arrived, the 34-inch grey pony was being tormented by children,” HorseWorld’s equine husbandry manager, Joanne Vaughan, said in a HorseWorld news release.

(What kind of kids torment a pony?)

Rescue staff brought the 34-inch pony back to their facility, named him Buster, and began addressing the little guy’s health concerns. “The vet estimated him to be about 21-years-old so he’s no spring chicken,” said Vaughan.

Most of Buster’s front teeth were missing, though it did not seem to have affected the roly-poly pony’s stature.

“We had no idea when he last had a vaccination, wormer, hoof trim, dental check and the list goes on,” said Vaughan. “He’s been tested for various diseases and has now started a program of rehabilitation that caters to all of his needs.”

The rescue also castrated the stallion–though not because of any lack of manners. After all, the pony waited for his bus like a perfect gentleman for who knows how long. (None of the children were castrated.) “With the number of horses the rescue charities are trying to squeeze in at the moment, we certainly don’t want to be bringing any more into the world,” said Vaughan.

Buster will continue his wait–for a home, not the Downtown #7–at the HorseWorld until he’s ready for adoption.


Having survived his ordeal at the bus stop, Buster waits for his ship to come in at HorseWorld. Photo courtesy of HorseWorld.

Learn more about HorseWorld, including how to make a donation or adopt a rescue horse, here.

Go Buster.


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