News: ‘Shetland Pony, Seppi, Goes For A Ride In Berlin S-Bahn Subway’

That’s the headline of a Huffington Post story published yesterday concerning a YouTube video posted last week that has since gone viral.

According to the article, the 16-year-old German passenger decided to take her pony on the train after a friend stood her up.

“He didn’t come, so I just got on the train with the pony,” she told Berlin’s B.Z. newspaper, according to The Local. “Everyone was taking photos or stroking Seppi. Because it was so funny I just kept traveling.”

Over the course of their day on the town, they also visited (and subsequently got kicked out of) an H&M and visited a McDonald’s.

YouTube footage of the pony riding on the subway has received over 335,000 views since it was posted last week.

The subway operators, however, were less than impressed. According to the UK’s Metro News, S-Bahn spokesman Burkhard Ahlert said, “One may smile but according to our transport regulations, this is clearly not allowed. This clearly violates our conditions of carriage.”

“A horse can be dangerous,” he continued. “What if it escapes? The S-Bahn is no place for such animals.”

Read the full story here.

[Jake Barnhill]

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