Gadget Encourages Drivers to Share the Road with Riders

How cool is this? Our friends at Horse & Hound posted a photo of a small video camera by Gizapaw  that allows you to record footage of you and your horse while riding on the road.

Top photo via Gizapaw

The idea is to encourage drivers to share the road with trail riders … and capture video evidence of dangerous drivers who put horses and riders at risk. The camera small attaches to the highly visible vest for the rider or a tail wrap for the horse — both of which clearly state the message: “Smile, you’re on camera.”


The intent of the product is to encourage drivers to be safe around horses and share the road as best they can. Of course — that goes both ways. Riders also need to be courteous to drivers and share the road, too.

What do you think, HN? Do you frequently ride on roads? Would you wear a Gizapaw camera to help encourage drivers to be mindful around you and your horse?

Click here for more information on Gizapaw.


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