SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: ShowSheen® Product Review

There are more benefits to using ShowSheen® than just shiny horses. Check them out in this product review!

By SmartPaker Jessica Knox

Over the years, there have been many different products developed to support shiny horses and detangle manes and tails. With seven horses in my barn who live out 24/7, trust me, I’ve tried them all! I keep going back to my tried-and-true favorite though, ShowSheen® Hair Polish!

There are a few factors as to why I prefer ShowSheen over other brands. The main issues I’ve run into with other sprays are residues that actually attract dirt, ineffective formulas that don’t have a lasting effect, and unpleasant smells and consistencies. In contrast, ShowSheen almost has a “weightless” feel when applied – a little goes a long way, and it doesn’t turn sticky or weigh down the hair. It’s very easy to use, you just need to spray a little bit either directly on the coat or mane and tail, and then brush through for the best effect. I spray my horses about once a week, especially after grooming during mud season, and it truly lasts until the next session! It has a very pleasant, light smell, my gelding appreciates that he doesn’t smell like he’s wearing perfume after, too.

My personal horses are a bay and a gray, and I use the product on both of them more frequently than any other horses. Using ShowSheen on my bay mare really brings out the shine and helps to accentuate her dapples! She is also prone to some skin “scurf,” and using this product has helped to keep her legs free of dirt and mud, which in turn really cuts down on her issues. Also, being an older mare, she occasionally suffers from loose stools, and using ShowSheen in her tail really helps to manage the mess by repelling the manure residue.

Photo courtesy of SmartPak

I show my gray horse so we need all the help we can get staying clean before show day! My routine is to give him a bath the day before the show and then spray him head to tail in ShowSheen (avoiding the saddle area so it won’t be slippery), and then brush it over his coat and through his mane and tail to protect him from stains. I can say that it honestly truly works and even after he rolls, the dirt is so easy to remove. With him being gray, it’s hard to get him “shiny,” but you can actually see his coat shine in the sun after using this product.

Also, being a Thoroughbred, he has pretty thin hair, so I love that ShowSheen helps prevent breakage when brushing. I can really see a difference with broken hair strands collecting in the brush when I don’t use it! He also has a very long tail that’s prone to knots, and this product really helps to prevent those.

Photo courtesy of SmartPak

Beyond the numerous perks from regular use during grooming sessions, ShowSheen as a few lesser-known uses that make it a staple in my barn year-round! ShowSheen is awesome in prepping horses for clipping. I typically do a trace clip on my horses for the winter, and this product is great for getting that extra fine layer of dirt off either before or after. And while we’re at it, maybe the least-known use is helping to cut down on blanket static! Horses sure hate getting that unexpected shock, and so do we. Spraying down coats in the winter between blanket changes has made a big difference in how willing me and my horses are to swap out layers, the lack of static makes the whole process so much more pleasant for everyone involved!

I have fond memories of using ShowSheen on my childhood horses, and it’s a brand that every horse person recognizes and trusts. When a product can truly stand the test of time and is still the most popular go-to, it really speaks for itself. I’m a firm believer in ShowSheen, and I feel that anyone who tries it or is not familiar with it will feel the same!

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