I Spy Horses: Redefined Heirlooms

During my adventures and travels I always take photos of the horse-related items I see along the way. Enjoy these photos of horse-related pieces spotted while browsing at Redefined Heirlooms.

Redefined Heirlooms is an antique shop in Tarentum, Pennsylvania. They have a variety of treasures including antiques, pictures, paintings, clothing, accessories, and up-cycled pieces. While looking around, here are the horse-related items I found!

All photos by Marcella Gruchalak

The more I look back at the pieces from this location, the more I want to go back and buy some of them!

If I had a place for this carousel horse light in my house, it would have come home with me!

Old school door knocker, anyone?

This weird little wooden horse should have come home with me. It looks like they drew the eyes and hair on with Sharpie.

Old school horse toys are…interesting.

Does anyone know what racehorse this is? I’m assuming it’s a racehorse by the placement of the rider’s feet and his helmet.

I might go back to get this donkey piece. I could totally find a place for this in my house!

The horses on this bottle aren’t the most amusing part. I can’t stop laughing at the guy doing a toe touch at the bottom!

Find the horses around you and go riding, Horse Nation!

Have you spied horses in your adventures and travels (specifically horses that aren’t, you know, in a barn or pasture)? If so, send your photo/s with a brief explanation to [email protected] with the subject line “I Spy Horses.” You might see your photo featured in a future edition of I Spy. Remember, you need to own the rights to all photos you send, otherwise we can’t share them.