‘Oh Crap’ Monday: See Ya Later, Alligator

Monday already is the crappiest day of the week, so it only makes sense that we make things official. Here’s our latest “oh crap” moment.

This is a combination of an “oh crap” moment and an “only in Florida” moment. After all, where else would you get an alligator (probably? I mean… I think it’s not a crocodile) on a jump course?

We’re guessing this show was a bit delayed. How do you even announce that? When it’s a weather issue, we’ll say there’s a rain delay. In this case is it “we’ll start later because there’s a gator?” Or, “show will be in a while because of a crocodile” (I know, I know.. I said it wasn’t a croc, but it rhymed!)?

Man, the least his gator could have done was gone clear. Just sayin’…

Go forth and tackle your Monday, Horse Nation.

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