Tuesday Video From Ecovet: How It Works

We know it works, but … how? And… why?

When it comes to fly spray, we all know not all products are equal. One of our favorite products here at Horse Nation is EcoVet fly spray for horses. It just seems to work better. As avid consumers of fly spray in warmer months, that led us to wonder why it worked. We guess we weren’t the only ones to ask this question, because Ecovet made a video explaining just that. Check it out below:

The TL; DR is this: Ecovet is an alternative to traditional fly products containing pyrethrins or even essential oils. Instead, it’s mixture of natural food-grade fatty acids and silicone oil, which is what keeps the flies and bugs away. Ecovet creates a “zone” of repellency that prevents the pests from landing on your equine friend.

To be clear, it worksIt’s one of the only sprays we’ve found to truly keep flies off our horses for more than about a minute. Fair warning to all who use it: don’t take a deep breath after you spray it; otherwise you’ll learn first-hand how it keeps bugs away. But, to be fair, do you really want to breathe in your fly spray anyway?