I Spy Horses: Mystique Moon Antiques & Artisans

During my adventures and travels I always take photos of the horse-related items I see along the way. Enjoy these photos of horse-related pieces spotted while browsing at Mystique Moon Antiques & Artisans.

Mystique Moon Antiques & Artisans is a neat shop nestled in the heart of Butler, Pennsylvania. This small business showcases antiques along with art from 50 local artisans. Check out the horse-related items I found while browsing this large boutique!

All photos by Marcella Gruchalak

This piece might be my favorite from this location. I’m particularly fond of the horse having a wild eye.

Here is some artwork by local artists. The first one is a painting and the other is art work the artist had scanned on to magnets.

Boots, boots, and more boots.

These little wooden pieces were sold separately and you could buy whichever pieces you’d like to build your own little town. There were so many options to choose from.

This was my second favorite horse-related item in the store. It had some weight to it. The only possible reason I’d buy it was to have on my night stand to hit an intruder with to knock him out.

Looking back at these pictures, I didn’t like the color of this wall decor piece but I should have bought it and painted it to match the decor in my house.

Find the horses around you and go riding, Horse Nation!

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