We Almost Never Mean Ducking: 7 Instances of Equestrian Mobile Dissent

We have a love-hate relationship with our smartphones — especially when it comes to autocorrect. As an equestrian, trying to get our phones to learn what we mean can be especially infuriating (and sometimes hilarious).

There’s no arguing that the ubiquitous nature of smartphones has made our lives easier in many ways. We can order just about anything with our phones, and we can look up whatever we need instantaneously. Granted, sometimes it’s a double-edged sword. After all, we have almost constant communication, so boundaries can be hard to set.

This double-edged sword seems to be at its sharpest when it comes to autocorrect. Sure, it’s made it so that we can send messages quickly and, many times, the phone accounts for and corrects the mistakes our fat/barn dirt-laden fingers make. Other times, however, the liberties our smartphones take are downright infuriating. This is especially true if you’re an equestrian trying to get your point across. Enjoy these instances of equestrian mobile dissent (and feel free to send us your own!).

Hang in there, Horse Nation. Even if you’re stuck trying to bring in the ducking mayors from the pastor in the midst of mud season.