Skydog Ranch Unveils New Book: ‘Wild Horses of Skydog: Blue Zeus & Families’

This new book from Skydog Ranch celebrates the spirit of the American West and highlights the plight of rescuing wild horses.

Skydog Ranch and Sanctuary proudly announce the release of Wild Horses of Skydog: Blue Zeus & Families, a captivating tribute to the strength and beauty of wild Mustangs reunited after enduring roundup and separation in the American West. Written by activist and philanthropist Clare Staples, founder of Skydog Ranch and Sanctuary, this beautiful book promises to reshape perceptions of wild horses and their plight. The book is published and distributed by Trafalgar Square Books.

In this remarkable book, founder Clare Staples shares touching narratives of Mustang families torn apart by captivity bureau of land management roundups and the tireless efforts of the Skydog team to reunite them and restore their freedom at the Sanctuary. Through stunning photography and heartfelt storytelling, readers are immersed in the journey of twenty-one horse families, including the iconic Blue Zeus, whose heartbreaking tale symbolizes the hope and determination driving Skydog’s mission. Skydog Ranch has already rescued over 300 wild horses and 50 donkeys and mules from a variety of terrible conditions, as well as reuniting bonded families separated during the roundup process.

Blue Zeus

Wild Horses of Skydog: Blue Zeus & Families offers an intimate look at the struggles and triumphs of these majestic creatures, showcasing the steady commitment to preservation and compassion that defines Skydog Ranch. A percentage of all sales directly supports Skydog’s efforts to rescue and reunite wild horses and donkeys, ensuring their legacy for generations to come.

 Writing this book was a true labor of love, and it was my pleasure to tell the stories of some of the wild horse families of Skydog. says Clare Staples, founder of Skydog Ranch. “In this environment, they have the freedom to decide their destinations, companions, and preferred proximity to humans, creating a sense of safety and happiness.”

The cover price of “Wild Horses of Skydog: Blue Zeus & Families” is $49.95. Copies can be ordered from the Skydog website with profits benefiting Skydog Ranch. The book is also available through Ingram Publishing Services, supplying national online retailers like Amazon,,, and select independent bookstores.

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Located in Malibu, California, and covering 9,000 acres near Bend, Oregon, SKYDOG RANCH & SANCTUARY provides a haven for wild horses and burros in need. Founded on principles of kindness and respect, our sanctuary offers refuge to equines who have endured neglect and mistreatment, often finding themselves in dangerous circumstances such as kill pens or auctions. Our mission extends beyond rescue; we prioritize the reunification of wild horse families, recognizing the deep bonds that unite them. Committed to transparency and accountability, we maintain a platinum rating on GuideStar and are accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. With daily updates on our residents and rigorous annual inspections, SKYDOG RANCH & SANCTUARY stands as a beacon of hope and compassion in the land of horses.

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