20 Horse-Related Tattoos for World Tattoo Day

Yes, that is a thing! Celebrated around the globe, World Tattoo Day honors and celebrates tattoos and body art. Aiming to strengthen the relationship between body artists around the world and to bring the tattoo lifestyle to the mainstream, the two main pillars of the day are freedom and tolerance.

Today — March 21st — is World Tattoo Day. Why March 21st, you may ask. Well, it’s also the International Color Day¬†and the spring equinox. Each of these days relates to tattoos and body art in its own way. Many tattoo artists look to make the world a more colorful place — so International Color Day is totally fitting. Also, on the spring equinox, day and night are of equal length, so that’s a symbolic references the relationship between light and shadow in art.

So, in recognition of World Tattoo Day (and — hey! — why not?), we’re presenting you with these 20 horse-related tattoos:

10 Tattoos In Black and White:


10 Tattoos In Color:

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