Ask AI Equestrian Edition: Pi Day

Happy Pi Day, Horse Nation! Since I can’t bake, I decided that I would let AI generate some horse-related pies. The results are… entertaining.

Today is March 14th… also known as Pi Day. For those of you who are less mathematically inclined, or just generally forget that we have this weird habit of assigning things to days for no real reason, the number π is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It’s an irrational number (a decimal with no end and no repeating pattern) that is approximately equal to 3.14159. Or, in absolute shorthand, 3.14. Get it? 3.14? As in March 14th?

So, yes, today is Pi Day. As a result, a lot of people make pies. There will be social media posts everywhere featuring these pies:


That one time I made a chicken (maybe turkey?) pot pi pie. Don’t judge my crust. I don’t bake. This was probably one of the first (and only) pie crusts I’ve made. Photo by DeAnn Long Sloan.

In honor of Pi Day (and the desire to jump on the social media bandwagon), I decided to ask AI to generate a horse pie to share on our social channels today. The results were interesting. So instead of just a social post, I decided to really dive into what AI created when it comes to horses and pies. I played with different variations on the theme, and these are the results (all photos have been generated by Canva).

So, these first two photos are what came up when I asked AI to give me a result for “horse pie.” Like… wut? I am confused. In so, so many ways.

Deciding AI and I weren’t on the same page, I went with “horse on a pie.” These are moderately better. At least less confusing and much more representative of what I thought I asked AI to generate.

So then I put in “horse apple pie” and got these two:

This second one might actually be my favorite of all the AI-generated images. I mean… what is even happening here?

Then I went for “horse eating apple pie” (because of course horses would want apple pies!). Other than some straight up wonky features on the horses, these seem somewhat likely:

After that, I put in “horse pi.” These were the results (full disclosure — I DO NOT know what any of these symbols mean/if they are symbols; don’t @ me for these ones):

I believe my next input was “horse pie day.” So… this got weird:

My final input was “horses and pies.” Okay. Weird features again, but at least AI sort of understood the assignment:

As always, AI has an interesting notion of what horses look like (and pies, for that matter!).

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