Saddle Up for the Trip of a Lifetime: The Whole Equestrian Lake Girl Retreat is Coming in May

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive wellness retreat especially for equestrian women, you need to check out this retreat in Deep Creek, MD.

Imagine being part of an all-inclusive and exclusive wellness retreat tailored specifically for equestrian women. You will immerse yourself in luxury lake accommodations with 4-8 new best friends, indulge in 18 hours of personalized wellness and performance workshops, savor delicious and nutritious meals, engage in daily movement activities, experience deep relaxation, enjoy scenic hikes, and take home upscale swag that will be cherished forever.

If that sounds like heaven to you, you need to go on the Whole Equestrian Lake Girl Retreat.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Everett.

Stephanie Everett M.Ed CHC is a wife, mother, and working professional on a mission to help educate and empower people to take charge of their well-being. As the owner of Total Evolution Health and Transition, Stephanie is able to help fulfill this mission through her corporate wellness program, Pillar Corporate Wellness, and by hosting transformative weekend getaways, dubbed ‘Lake Girl Retreats’.

When I first met Stephanie, we connected so easily on our values and views of health and wellness, that the idea of teaming up to host a Whole Equestrian Lake Girl Retreat was a no-brainer. As equestrians, we tend to invest all of our time, money, and energy into our horses and we don’t often take the time to invest in ourselves. Not to mention, it’s hard to work on habit changes when you are fighting against the forces and stressors of everyday life.

Lake Girl Retreats offer a chance to reset and overhaul — and not just by chewing on raw vegetables and drinking green juice for four days. These retreats are a little like going to summer camp as an adult, complete with specially tailored workshops to fit the group’s needs. You’ll embark on a journey of growth, laughter, and profound connections. Additionally, you have the luxury of having not one but TWO wellness professionals to guide you on your journey.

Check your calendar: we are set to host our first retreat together on May 16-19 in Deep Creek Lake, MD. All levels and disciplines of equestrian life are invited. If you’re interested in joining us, please reach out for more details.

To give you an idea of what the experience will be like, I caught up with Stephanie, who has hosted 10 retreats since 2019.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Everett.

What is your favorite part about hosting retreats?

I think when I first started doing retreats, my favorite part was the praise that I would get for their successes. The little compliments, like people telling me they liked the food and didn’t expect healthy to be so tasty or giving me positive feedback about their life well after the retreat. Now that I’ve been hosting 1-2 retreats a year, my favorite part is watching the group connect organically. Many times, the women don’t know each other before attending a retreat, and I just love stepping back to watch friendships form from the experience. That is why the majority of the women prioritize attending every retreat they can after their first one, which explains why there have been so few spots available to newbies these last couple of years.

What is one thing women can expect to gain after attending one of your retreats?
Something that most women don’t take time to do is pause and think about their lives holistically. Thinking about all the things that they have done to define who they are now, with zero judgment, and considering their aspirations for who they want to become and how to get there. Each individual who comes to my retreats leaves knowing themselves better through a supportive process of reflection and renewal, in both biology and biography. They leave empowered and ready to seize opportunities to write their life story according to their dreams and goals.

Most people hear the word “wellness” and think of fitness or nutrition. What else do you cover on the retreats?

I cook healthy meals for everyone, and we do some form of daily movement- but the focus of a Lake Girl Retreat is not a strict diet and workout regime. We also have wine, eat cheese and we have a lot of fun! Our sessions work on the whole person; the group dynamics enhance this process. We talk about broad ideas like our connection to other people, our families, and what is and isn’t working in our lives. It’s a bit like getting recalibrated in a way that makes you feel confident to make lasting changes in your real life.

Photo courtesy of Adrienne Morella Photography.

What’s one piece of wellness advice you could give to any Equestrian, knowing what you do about the lifestyle?

So I just started taking riding lessons, and I’m excited to learn more about horses in the upcoming months before our retreat, but from what you’ve told me and what I’ve witnessed, the ‘easiest’ and most actionable advice I could give would be to focus on hydration and being aware of your caffeine intake.

I’m not saying to quit caffeine altogether, but be mindful of the timing. Drinking caffeine after noon can drastically affect your sleep- whether you feel it directly or not. If you track your sleep patterns, you will notice a huge difference in your sleep score for the better by simply eliminating caffeine after noon. Sleep is very important! Drinking water consistently throughout the day will help you flush out caffeine and other unwanted toxins.

Remember, if you’re not stopping a few times a day to pee or you have dark, pungent urine, you’re not drinking enough water. I have a ton of hacks around the hydration habit and so much more for sustainable energy, focus, and mental clarity.

Dr. Tyler Held EdD CMPC is a former 5* Groom who currently owns and operates her Sport Psychology Consulting Business, Thought Quest Solutions LLC. She is also the host of The Whole Equestrian Podcast and writer of the popular Between the Ears series here on EN. This retreat is an extension of The Whole Equestrian’s mission to ‘bridge the gap between riding and wellness’ and help riders support their own needs through the tough demands of life with horses.

To learn more and reserve your space, please email [email protected].