2024 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: THERE ARE CLYDESDALES!!!!!

As every horse owner knows, when our modern conveniences fail us, it’ll be those of us who can jump on or hitch up a horse who can save the day. Budweiser knows that, too. Check out the Super Bowl LVIII commercial and its appreciation of Old School Delivery.

Okay, so this year’s Budweiser Super Bowl commercial probably¬†won’t make you cry, BUT it should make you pretty-darned happy. Why? BECAUSE THERE ARE CLYDESDALES. That’s right. It seems Budweiser has heard our demands and is ready to meet them — at least when it comes to their commercials. For Super Bowl LVIII, horse lovers of the world get to enjoy their favorite team of Clydesdales sweeping in to save the day. Oh, and the Yellow Lab helps, too. After all, these commercials would not be complete without the lovable pup.

Enjoy, Horse Nation!