I Spy Horses: The Maridon Museum

During my adventures and travels I always take photos of the horse-related items I see along the way. Enjoy these photos of horse-related pieces spotted at The Maridon Museum

Nestled in the heart of Butler, PA, the Maridon Museum showcases Asian art and culture coupled with German Meissen porcelain. Gifted by Mary Hulton Phillips in 2004, the collection includes over 800 art objects. Included are jade and ivory sculptures, tapestries, landscape paintings, scrolls, and artifacts. Here are the items I found that related to horses:

All photos by Marcella Gruchalak

This was one of my favorites due to the creepiness of the eyes in the statue.

I’d be scared if I witnessed a horse running toward me with this rider.

Actual picture of me and my horses in the dead of winter.

I’m not quite sure what’s growing out of the stomach of this one.

There’s no way this isn’t a mare.

This horse has a high likelihood of also being a mare.

Find the horses around you and go riding, Horse Nation!

Have you spied horses in your adventures and travels (specifically horses that aren’t, you know, in a barn or pasture)? If so, send your photo/s with a brief explanation to [email protected] with the subject line “I Spy Horses.” You might see your photo featured in a future edition of I Spy. Remember, you need to own the rights to all photos you send, otherwise we can’t share them.