SmartPak Christmas Morning(ish) Feed

Merry Christmas from all of us at Horse Nation, and our friends at SmartPak! Have yourself a merry little Christmas laugh with this classic “Stuff Riders Say… On Christmas.”

Most of us as equestrians wear that horse-loving heart on our sleeves: everyone knows we love horses. For eleven months out of the year, our friends and family likely wish we had something else to talk about other than our horse’s latest veterinary mishap, show success or cute face he made the other day… but in December, we suddenly become the easiest people to shop for on the entire planet.

Or so they think.

We bet the latest chapter of SmartPak’s “Stuff Riders Say” video will sound pretty familiar to a lot of you:

What’s the “best” horsey present you’ve ever received? (Or given — don’t lie!) Shout out to us in the comments!

Go SmartPak, and go riding!