NFR Barrel Racing Recap From an ‘Aint Seen Nothin Yet’ Offspring Owner

“I want to watch the Aint Seen Nothin Yet offspring as they dominate every discipline they are competing in.”

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) is the rodeo of all rodeos. If there’s one rodeo you’re going to watch on television, this is the one. This year, it ran from December 7 – 16 and featured 119 cowboys and cowgirls in the world who participate in bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, barrel racing and bull riding. This rodeo is the richest and most prestigious rodeo in the world, with a shared purse of $10,301,505.00.

As a former barrel racer I always enjoyed watching the best barrel racers in the world go at it night after night. I took note of their form, their horses’ builds, how the horses made their way into the pen, etc. I’d even go so far as to look up the breed of each horse and take a look at their bloodlines — which is exactly why this year’s NFR has been so overly exciting!

Aint Seen Nothing Yet is an American Quarter Horse sire standing at stud with TL Paints and Quarter Horses. He is a sire to multiple arena record holders and money earners in open, futurity, derby, pro rodeo, 1D and rope horses.

This sire’s foals are eligible for Pink Buckle, Riata Buckle, Blue Collar Breeders, Ruby Buckle, Royal Crown, Triple Crown 100, Future Fortunes, 5-state, Cornhusker, Gridiron, Select Stallion Stake, BRN4D, MN Futurity, Tomorrows Legends, Roping Futurities of America, The Diamond Classic, The Breeders Challenge,  CO Classic, BBI, BRIF, SWDC, C-N futurity, WPRA Pesi Program, Western Fortunes,  and VGBRA.

Photo courtesy of Aint Seen Nothin Yet Facebook Page

Last year, I was ecstatic to watch Lisa Lockhart run her Aint Seen Nothin Yet offspring, Promise Me Fame Guys, aka Levee. Round after round, I got more excited as I watched the two continue to make consistent rounds. It was history in the making for us Aint Seen Nothin Yet fans. The two ended up earning approximately $161,000.

This year, there’s double the excitement! The NFR Barrel Racing event has not one, but TWO Aint Seen Nothin Yet offspring running! Levee is back with Lisa Lockhart and FirewaterFrenchFame, aka Apollo, has made it to his first NFR this year with Summer Kosel!

The teams have not disappointed. In round two, Summer and Apollo placed second with a time of 13.63 seconds, earning a payout of $24,268. Lisa and Levee were right behind them with a third place finish, clocking a time of 13.67 seconds and earning $18,325.

Round three, Lisa and Levee took the win with a time of 13.51 seconds winning $30,706. Check out the winning run below!

Round four, Lisa and Levee placed in the money in the sixth spot with a time of 13.77 seconds, earning $4,953.

Round five, Summer and Apollo broke out to earn their first NFR round win and, at that point, the fastest time of the week. The team ran a 13.42 seconds winning $30,706.

Round six, Lisa and Levee again made the cut. The took the sixth place win with a time of 13.70, earning $4,354.

Round 7, Lisa and Summer were neck-to-neck, taking the fifth and sixth place standings. Summer and Apollo took fifth place with a time of 13.79 seconds, earning $7,924. Lisa and Levee ran a time of 13.70 seconds taking the sixth place spot, winning $4,953.

Round 8, Lisa and Levee again placed in the money, splitting the fifth place win with Jordan Briggs. They ran a time of 13.66 seconds, earning $6,438.

Round 9, both teams were in the earning yet again. Lisa and Levee placed second with a time of 13.41 seconds, earning $24,268. Summer and Apollo placed fifth with a time of 13.61, earning $7,924.

The two closed out the event on the tenth round stealing the first and second spots. Lisa and Levee took the round win with a time of 13.54 seconds, earning 30,706. This run clutched her the 2023 average title. Summer and Apollo took second place with a time of 13.59 seconds, earning $24,268.

I bet you’re wondering why I care so much about the NFR when I no longer barrel race, why I hold my breath every time one of these horses enters the pen, and why I’m so invested — I know you’re not but I’m going to tell you anyway. THE. STUD. I want to watch the Aint Seen Nothin Yet offspring as they dominate every discipline they are competing in.

Approximately three years ago, I took a chance on the Nebraska stallion to cross with my mare. He was the total package in my opinion. Built correctly, good-minded, and well bred. Over the past few years as my horse progressed from a foal, to a weanling, to a yearling, two-year-old, and now three-year-old, I watched Aint Seen Nothin Yet’s offspring crushing the competition in different disciplines. It was no surprise to see them competing — and victorious — at one of the highest levels of the sport. It is thrilling.

Photo by JGerard Photography

I couldn’t be more excited. As my Aint Seen Nothin Yet youngster, Unbridled Fame, is gearing up for her futurity year in Cowboy Mounted Shooting, she’s currently in training with No Reins Performance Horses and I can’t help to be so much more excited to compete off her after watching this year’s NFR. Exceptional breeding mixed with a solid education is a recipe for success in any discipline. I am MORE than ready for the journey.

Aint Seen Nothin Yet is a special horse — I knew that when I first stalked his Facebook page. That’s why I chose to breed my mare to him. Unbridled Fame, aka Hot Sauce, is no different. She’s special, Promise Me Fame Guys is special, FirewaterFrenchFame is special, and so are all the other offspring of this fantastic stud. Any one of us who have an Aint Seen Nothin Yet descendant in our barns are blessed to have the opportunity of such a ride each time we swing a leg over those horses.