The Ultimate Gift Guide of THE WEIRDEST Horse-Related Gifts

Shopping for equestrians can be hard. So when all else fails, go for the laughs. Check out these 12 weird horse-related gifts on the market.

The items on this list are sure to give you a laugh. Why not spread true holiday joy by getting that horse lover in your circle a gift that will keep them laughing for years? Check out the weirdness below!

Horse Hooves Socks

For $9.99 you can give the gift of transforming feet into hooves. The socks even include horse shoes on the bottom of the foot!

You can purchase these socks here.

Custom Bobble Head Equestrian

You mean to tell us equestrians have the opportunity to have a bobble head that resembles them that they can display on their mantel? Count us in! For $24 this fun gift can bobble around the house or barn!

The link for this bobble head was questionable. We will be looking for it again and update when we find it!

Pony Pillow

Who wouldn’t want a decorative pillow of a cat riding a pony? This overall pick from Amazon can be displayed on a horse lover’s couch for $9.99.

You can purcahse this pillow here.

Farting Animals Coloring Book

Do you know someone that loves horses and enjoys coloring? With this gift, they can color a horse farting. Isn’t that on everyone’s bucket list? For $6.97 it can be checked off the list.

You can purchase the coloring book here.

Horse Undies

This one should definitely be on your list if your significant other is a horse person. Very little is sexier than a horse face on your undies… right? For $12.99, this is a gift that keeps on giving!

You can purchase the underwear here.

Horse Fan

Does the horse enthusiast in your life run a fan for noise while sleeping? Here is the PERFECT gift! For $7.99 this odd fan can be right next to them on the night stand!

You can purchase the fan here.

Pooping Horse Calendar

This gift provides a year of fun. As if barn bums don’t see and shovel horse poop enough, for $9.99 they can walk into their houses and feel like they never left the barn.

You can purchase the calendar here.

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

For $6.71, this gift is sure to bring some entertainment to the farm. What’s not funny about a squirrel with a horse head?

You can purcahse the feeder here.

Horse Decanter

This gift is for the horse lover that also loves a good drink. For $29.95 they can store their beverage of choice… in style?

You can purchase the decanter here.

Personalized Poop Shoveler Plaque

This is a good one to hang in the barn tack room. Nothing screams employee of the month like this plaque.

You can purchase the plaque here.

Personalized Horse Racing Caricature

Attach a personalized photo and let the magic happen. Have a good laugh at a horse racing caricature with that special horse lover’s face on the jockey!

You can purchase the caricature here.

Horse Wine Bottle Holder

The horse holding this wine bottle definitely looks like he’s enjoying the wine more than you will. For $36.95 your loved one can have a smile as they removes the bottle from his hooves!

You can purchase the wine bottle holder here.

Hopefully an item or two on this list gave you a good chuckle. Also, there’s a good chance we’ll be putting together a part two — after all, there’s a lot of weird horse stuff out there. Let us know what weird equestrian-inspired products you see.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with horses and laughter!