Reader Photo Challenge: Perfectly Plump

Enjoy these four photos of perfectly plump horses!

This week, we asked to see photos of the round horses — and we asked what you’re going to do to get them fit again. Here are your responses!

Spur, at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, is going to shed some pounds with more exercise and a better diet. Photo by Lorin Grey

Kristin says she sees slow feed hay nets in her crew’s future! Photo by Kristin Matheny

Mocha is affectionately known as “pig pig” or “fatty boombatty.” Maggie plans on getting her fit by ponying her off of her other horse. Photo by Maggie Titcomb

Kricket is dropping weight with a diet change and hand walks around the field. Photo by Jen Feistman

Keep an eye out for next week’s photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.