Reader Photo Challenge: Thankful for our Horses

Enjoy these six photos of horses our readers are thankful to have in their barns!

This week, we asked to see those horses you’re thankful to have in your barn and you delivered. Enjoy these six photos of horses our readers couldn’t imagine life without!

Shannon states she’s forever grateful for this guy that she’s owned for 28 years. He has taught countless kids to ride and continues to be the best pony ever. Photo by Shannon Meyers.

Photo by Andy Brouwer

Kristen states she’s grateful to have had her best friend for 25 years before he passed. He was with her since she was 13 until she was 38. Photo by Arielle Friedman.

Lori states she’s grateful for these three horses. They are the reason she has a farm and they’re the inspiration behind her Etsy business. They also inspire her to continue her education and write a book! Photo by Lori Tankel.

Karen is thankful for her OTTB Disco, aka, Mischief Managed. Photo by Karen Scott.

Jen is grateful for her three horses, Killian, Kricket, and Kiche. Photo by Horse and Hound Photography.

Keep an eye out for next week’s photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.