So Fetch: 15 Mean Girls GIFs Directly From Your Mare

It’s October 3rd. It’s officially Mean Girls Day. No, that doesn’t mean you get to BE a mean girl, it’s just a nod to the cult classic that so many of us adore. These GIFs from the movie could have come straight from your mare’s mouth (or at least be about her):

As an eternal mare person (chestnut, at that), I would be lying if I didn’t say that there are many, MANY times I look at my mares and just know that what they’re thinking is something that definitely would fit right in with the script from Mean Girls. (Heck, I even named my pony Regina George — she shows under the name On Wednesdays We Wear Pink — because, after all, she is all sass all the time… and she gives zero effs about, well, anything.)

Your mare when you tell her she’s the prettiest:

Your mare when you ask her to come in for a workout:

When you ask your mare when she’s going to drop the attitude:

Your mare in heat:

Your mare when you pay attention to or even look at another horse:

Also this:

When you put a new horse in the pasture:

And this:

Your mare, looking at the other mares:

Your mare when she didn’t bite off the head of the horse next to her:

Gelding people who’ve tried to ride your mare:

Also this:

Your mare, in general:

Kind of how you feel about your mare:

How your mare feels she should be treated at every moment of every single day:


Stay fetch, Horse Nation. And go riding!