Dave Jay: Hollywood Horse Trainer

Dr. Gregory Beroza, aka HorseDoc® ‘Talking Horses’®, sits down with Hollywood horse trainer Dave Jay to discuss his myriad experiences working with horses for movies, TV, and across the entertainment industry.

Dave Jay is a quiet, reserved, and retired Hollywood Horse Trainer, now living, training, and teaching in Ocala, Florida. The historic equestrian journey of this octogenarian is quite amazing. Dave amassed over half a century’s experience riding, training, and entertaining people aboard his equestrian mounts. He rubbed shoulders with many of the great Hollywood actors and trainers with whom he worked, and many who were themselves legends who preceded and followed him.

Stories including names like cowboy Will Rogers, actor Slim Pickens, actor Clint Eastwood, the television show Rawhide, Ben Hur, trainer Glenn Randall, trainer Albert Ostermaier, director Milos Forman, and others flow easily while talking to Dave.

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Dave transported horses cross-country from California to New York to film the classical scene of two police officers riding in Central Park as part of the movie Hair, in which he was one of the on-screen riders.

Dave rode professionally for the Lipizzaner Show out of Florida and discusses his introduction to riding “High-School Horses,” those formally trained in the final building block and art of classical dressage. He also rode professionally for Arabian Nights, Medieval Times, and other equestrian entertainment venues. Dave comments upon his professional need for affirmation and the value of hard-work and luck to achieve his goals.

Dave Jay riding at Medieval Times. Photo courtesy of Dave Jay.

Dave Jay riding a “High School Horse.” Photo courtesy of Dave Jay.

Dave Jay riding in “Arabian Nights.” Photo courtesy of Dave Jay.

Dave discusses how Lipizzaner trainer Colonel Alois Podhajsky from the Spanish Riding School collaborated with Glenn Randall regarding the horses used in the movie Ben Hur. He credits Randall for being one of the greatest trainers ever. He also gives credit for the learned lessons of dressage discipline as taught to the Lipizzaners in the Spanish Riding School. Glenn Randall is considered by many recognized horse whisperers to be the historic all-American Hollywood trainer GOAT (greatest of all time).

We recorded an entertaining 24-minute one-on-one chat with Dave. His stories are so engaging that we could have easily continued our interview for hours. This video memorializes historic Hollywood horse trainer stories that reveal the emergence of a truly unique American profession, while giving credit to some of the pioneers and European influences of equestrian training and showmanship.

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