SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Keep Your Pup Cool in the Summer Heat

Here at Horse Nation, we’re not only about horses. We recognize that our other four-legged pals need some attention, too. That’s why today we’re focusing on how to keep your pup happy and healthy in the heat.

By SmartPaker Ellen Brunelle

Summer is here in Massachusetts, and I am excited! It’s the best weather for riding and going on adventures with my cattle dog Goose. With the warm weather tends to come some serious humidity, so I always like to prepare ahead of time to keep Goose cool during our summer activities.

My first line of defense to keep Goose cool is to help him shed out his winter coat. Typically, cattle dogs fully shed their coats twice a year, and I find Goose is something shedding into summer. I love the HandsOn® Gloves for Grooming; the glove is excellent at pulling out on him to help get the rest of his winter pup coat, and he loves getting a nice massage before and after our adventures. I also find it very helpful to check for any cuts, scrapes, or ticks that might have tagged along with Goose that day.

I’m also  super excited about the Cool on Track Bandana by Back on Track. I use Back on Track blankets and sheets on my horse and Goose, and this bandana is such a great way to keep him cool on long summer walks. I simply soak it in cold water, wring it out, and fasten it around Goose’s neck. The Cool on Track material helps cool the superficial blood vessels around his neck, and in turn, keeps him a cool and happy pup. It’s also super easy to keep clean; I just hose it off and hang it to dry in the shade.

Next, I always keep a Kurgo® Collaps A Bowl with me on hot days. It collapses when not in use and can be shaped into a bowl for easy water dispensing. The carabiner attachment also makes it super easy to clip the bowl directly to the hand loop on Goose’s leash. On especially humid days, I find that it’s also just the right size to fill to the brim; I let Goose drink as much as he wants and typically don’t waste any water when I collapse it again.

Sometimes, our summer adventures include long walks in my neighborhood, and I always try to protect Goose’s paws from the hot pavement. Cosmic Pet’s Rugged Dog Boots work wonderfully for this.

These super durable boots help keep his paws cool while walking on warm sidewalks, and they’re easy to slip over his paws. They’re also great for hiking on rocky trails; they provide Goose with the same sure-footedness as when he’s bare-pawed without the risk of hurting his sensitive paw pads.

Finally, I always keep a Shires Digby & Fox Towel Glove in my truck during the summer. Goose loves swimming, whether it’s in the ocean, a pond, or a mud puddle. This mitt-style towel makes it easy to dry muddy paws and wet pup bellies and is also super soft. I regularly find Goose snoozing on it on our way home from an adventure.

I love spending the summer adventuring with my best buddy Goose and am always so relieved to be able to keep him cool and safe with these products, while still enjoying our active lifestyle during the warmer months. I can’t wait to see what this summer’s adventure brings, and what kinds of memories Goose and I can create together.

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