SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Stuff Riders Say, Episode 3

“Hey, can you hold him for one second?” We’ve all said it — and a whole host of other things. Here’s the third video in SmartPak’s classic series on Studd Riders Say.

At SmartPak, they have a saying — “we get you because we are you.” They’ve got riders of every age, from every discipline, from all across the country who’ve come together with one goal — supporting healthy horses and happy riders. So when it comes to life in the barn, they know a thing or two — and have the sense of humor to go with it.

One of our favorite things about SmartPak is when they take the time to pay homage to the sense of humor that has to accompany barn life. Here’s the third montage in the series of Stuff Riders Say. Enjoy!

Can’t get enough? Check out SmartPak’s YouTube channel for previous episodes of “Stuff Riders Say” plus a whole library of videos ranging from educational to wildly entertaining!

Happy Monday, Horse Nation. Go SmartPak and go riding!