8 Tips to Keep Your Horse Safe and Sane This Independence Day

Here are some useful tips and tricks to keep your horse safe and sane this Independence Day.

Fourth of July festivities are upon us. With this holiday comes sparklers, firecrackers, smoke bombs, and fireworks. All things about which horses may not be overly keen.

The discussion of how to keep our horses safe during events and holidays such as this one is ongoing. How much will our horses spook? Will they colic from the stress? Will they run through their pasture fencing? Each of these are valid concerns that we, as horse owners, need to take into consideration during this holiday’s festivities.


Here are some tips and tricks to keep your horse safe this Independence Day:

1. Know the Schedule of Events

You can best prepare your horses for Forth of July festivities if you know the surrounding communities fireworks schedule. This will allow you the time to plan and execute safety measures.

2. Ask Neighbors for a Heads Up

Ask your neighbors to give you some notice on which evenings they plan to use fireworks or other types of Independence Day illuminations. This will allow you to create a safe distance for your horses if their pastures are in close proximity of your neighbor’s lot.

3. Keep Horses Stabled

If you’re aware of fireworks in the area and you have the means to do so, keep your horses in during pyrotechnic exhibits. This will remove the issue of your horses potentially running through fencing.

4. Provide Adequate Lighting

Leave lights on in the barn and outside to brighten the area and lessen the effects of flashes coming from fireworks, sparklers, etc. This will allow horses to be less reactive.

5. Close Doors and Windows

Closing the barn doors and windows will aid in minimizing the noise and lights from fireworks. This will make it less noticeable and distracting.

6. Play Music

Turn on the radio to muffle the noise of the fireworks.

7. Keep Your Horse Occupied

Provide your horses with plenty of hay to give them something to occupy their time. This will keep their mind in other areas.

8. Utilize Calming Agents

Worst case scenario, if you know your horse goes absolutely nuts every year during this time of year, provide him with a calming paste or sedative to keep him safe.

We hope these tips and tricks will be useful during this Fourth of July Season to keep your horses safe and sane. Happy Independence Day, Horse Nation!