SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Canter Transitions

You have questions, SmartPak has answers. In this episode of Ask a Trainer, Hope Glynn discusses how to nail those canter transitions. 

SmartPak knows that we have questions when it comes to working with and riding our horses. That’s why they’ve developed the Ask a Trainer series — to give us as much information to be successful as possible. SmartPak fan Shelby sent in this question:

I had a bad fall off my horse. We were doing well, but then I started struggling to get her to canter. My horse is perfect for my trainer. Do you have any tips/tricks/exercises for bettering our canter departs?

Team SmartPak Rider and top International Hunter Derby Rider and Coach, Hope Glynn talks about asking for a canter transition and what she does with her students to ensure success every time you ask. From using your voice aids, to engaging your core, and lunge line work, Hope covers what you need to get your best, most effective transitions!

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Go SmartPak and go riding!