#TGIF: Peace Out

It’s Friday. We’re all ready for the weekend. That includes our horses… especially this one.

My poor children. Almost every Friday, they are cursed with being woken up to my iteration of Rebecca Black’s 2011 classic “Friday.” They aren’t nearly as entertained by it as I am. But that doesn’t matter. We’re all pretty thrilled that it’s Friday. Even though we need to get through one more work day, we know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

For some of us, that light comes a bit sooner than it does for others. Some of us just say “peace out,” and cut out early and go home.

That’s definitely the case for this horse, who’s had just about enough of his owners antics (you know, antics such as lunging and asking the horse to behave).


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On the upside, this horse seems to have a definite future in jumping. Happy Friday, Horse Nation. Go riding!

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