SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: A HandsOn Grooming Experience

Shedding season is here! Check out one of our favorite products, the HandsOn Gloves for Grooming! Your horse will thank you.

This is the time of year in which I have to remind myself every day when selecting my wardrobe that I don’t want to wear fleece: it’s shedding season, and that means that not only will I have hair stuck to my hands, sleeves and front, but also I’ll develop that crust of dirt and grime that accumulates on my knuckles. (If you have things like heated wash stalls to bathe your horses all winter long, count your blessings!) The HandsOn gloves for Grooming are a great solution to that.

Plus, if you have a rather… particular mare like I do, they’re a great alternative to a traditional curry comb. My red-headed mare prefers a gentler touch than a metal curry, and these are just the thing.

Here is SmartPaker Al’s video review:

You can purchase your own HandsOn Gloves for Grooming here. Need to see more reviews before you decide? Check out our take on the HandsOn Gloves!

Happy Monday and happy shedding, Horse Nation. Go riding!