SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Helping Your Horse Shed Out

In this Ask the Vet video, someone asks if it’s healthy to help their horse shed out or is it better to let the horse do it on its own. SmartPak staff veterinarian, Dr. Lydia Gray, gives her answer.

It’s shedding season. That’s right. Chapstick is your nemesis, it’s nearly impossible to get your horse looking sleek and shiny everywhere, and the sweeping up of hair never ends. But with these inconveniences, also comes questions. One SmartPak fan asked this question:

As the spring comes and horses start to shed their winter coat, I thought of this question. Is it healthy to use a shedding blade to get the winter coat off faster, or is it healthier to leave it along and wait until the horse will lose his winter coat by himself?

SmartPaker Sarah and Dr. Lydia Gray address the question and talk about some great grooming tools available at SmartPak.

Happy Monday, Horse Nation. Go SmartPak and go riding!