SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Which Shape Helmet Do You Need?

March is Brain Injury Awareness month. In recognition of this, we encourage everyone to wear a helmet when they ride. But to be honest, there are a lot of helmets on the market and a variety of shapes and sizes. So which one do you need?

Helmets can reduce the risk of horse-related fatal head injuries by 70 – 80%. This highlights the importance of a properly fitting riding helmet for all equestrian activities. Whether you’re looking to replace your existing helmet or it’s your first time buying a helmet, it’s important to have helmet that is the proper size and shape. Fortunately, our good friends at SmartPak have this handy dandy helmet guide. It offers tips on everything from sizing to technology.

Then there’s also the issue of shape. Do you need a round or an oval helmet? This video from SmartPak helps break down which one you need:

No matter what shape you need, don’t forget to mind your melon. You can find a full selection of helmets here.

Happy Monday, Horse Nation. Go riding!