‘Miracle Horse’ Rescued in Turkey 21 Days After Earthquake

Sometimes the strength and resiliency of horses can astound us. This is one of those times . Here’s the amazing rescue of a horse 21 days after the 7.8-magnitiude earthquake in Turkey.

As someone who runs a boarding barn and has worked with an equine veterinarian, I am often amazed at the creative and ridiculous ways in which horses try to off themselves. From colicking the moment a leaf falls to climbing upstairs into hay lofts to taking an off step in the field, it’s amazing how ridiculously fragile our equine companions can be.

And then there’s this horse.

Twenty-one days following a 7.8-magnitude earthquake in southeastern Turkey, this horse was pulled from the rubble — alive.

The discovery of the horse three weeks into rescue efforts is being hailed as a miracle.

The quake struck in the early morning hours of February 6, causing immense damage near the East Anatolian Fault line and creating tremors that could be felt in major cities to the west like Ankara, as well as in neighboring countries like Israel, Lebanon and Syria. The combined death toll in Turkey and Syria had surpassed 50,000.

Extensive rescue efforts have been underway across the country. Rubble of the destroyed buildings is being excavated in order to locate missing people and animals. On Monday, this video was shared on Twitter by Turkish businessman Tansu Yegen. It shows a horse being pulled from the rubble 21 days after the quake, seemingly alive and well.

The fact that the horse was able to come out of the rubble of his own accord is astounding. Many have questioned whether or not this is real since the horse seems to be in good condition. Further, equestrians have pointed out that horses cannot survive that long without food and water.

Some have pointed to the rainfall in Turkey as an explanation of the horse’s survival, but no one is quite certain when or how this took place.

No updates have been provided on the horse’s condition following the rescue.