Horsing Around the World With Sanne Westera: Argentina

Sanne Westera of the Hooves Around the World blog and travel agency gives us some insight on her trip to Argentina. It definitely seems like one for the bucket list!

Riding through the campo. Photo by Sanne Westera.

There are so many beautiful places in the world that are best discovered on the back of a horse. Argentina is one of these places, and in my top three destinations for trail riding worldwide. I’ve gone on countless horseback riding holidays, safaris and treks over the last eight years, but this trip was something else!

Before setting out on the trip I wasn’t the least bit excited. Honestly, the guy seemed a bit sketchy, and I was afraid I was going to be scammed out of a lot of money. Normally I trust my gut and normally it’s right, but for some reason I flew to the other side of the world anyway. I was quite shocked to find the guy I’d been talking to waiting for me at the airport when I arrived, and I quickly learned I wasn’t being scammed at all.

Criollo horse. Photo by Sanne Westera.

Now, because I was doubting the legitimacy of this whole endeavor, I hadn’t had time to set any expectations. However, even if I had set expectations for this trail, it could’ve never lived up to the experience we had. The horse I rode was named Luna, and she was bred for racing but deemed too difficult and was sold to our guides for almost nothing. Thank god for that! I fell in love with her immediately. All the horses were gentle and super responsive. They were excited to go out riding, and had super soft mouths — you could tell they had always been ridden with soft hands. It can be hard to find trail riding companies that take such incredibly good care of their horses.

Ready to head out. Photo courtesy of Sanne Westera.

Pure joy. Photo courtesy of Sanne Westera

We galloped over open plains, drove cattle through valleys and forests, and climbed over mountain tops covered with snow on horseback. Everyone on the ride became friends quickly and we had daily deep conversations around the bonfire. We camped next to a natural hot spring and swam in waterfalls and rivers every day of the week. Getting to ride one of the best horses I’ve ever ridden through one of the most stunning parts of the world was absolutely life changing.

Driving cattle. Photo by Sanne Westera.

Driving cattle. Photo by Sanne Westera.

Galloping through the lake. Photo by Sanne Westera

On one of our last nights out camping, with the horses grazing in the background, and the fire flickering in the middle of our circle, we had a birthday to celebrate. One of the girls that was with us was turning 28! Needless to say (for those of you that have been on a horseback riding holiday before), we got outrageously drunk. This was the time I decided to tell the guides that I was doubting whether or not this trip was going to happen at all, and that I thought he might’ve been a fraud. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a group of people laugh that loud. We now go back twice a year to ride through Patagonia together.

A break by the river before heading to camp. Photo by Sanne Westera.

Taking a break after entering the valley. Photo by Sanne Westera.

Sanne Westera runs the blog and travel agency called Hooves Around The World. Combining her two biggest passions, horses and travel, she would love to introduce you to the world of traveling on horseback.