What You Need to Know About Small Business Content Creation

What’s your content creation strategy? Do you have a bank full of photos and videos for your equine business? Or are you constantly scrambling to create high-quality content?

If you aren’t working with a professional photographer to create media assets for your equine business, you’re falling behind. High-quality content creation is key to every equine business’s  digital marketing strategy.

Professional Content is Required

How many times have you looked at a boarding barn’s website only to be greeted by grainy, poor-quality photos. It’s an instant turn-off. Homemade photos degrade your brand, no matter how good you think your iPhone is.

Equestrians expect top trainers and luxury barns to have content that matches the care their horse will receive. And every equestrian professional (tack stores, veterinary clinics, bodyworkers, etc) will suffer the same consequences of using crappy visual content– fewer views, a small digital presence, and fewer customers.

Professional content creation makes you look like, well, a professional. A website with professional content will stand out in a sea of boring, DIY equestrian websites. Plus, high-quality video and photo content creates a cohesive brand aesthetic across your website and social media accounts that should be a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

The Future Features Video

If you read our blog on Instagram Reels, then you already know– video is the future of social media. 2022 statistics show that half of social media users prefer video over other content and that 85 percent of social media users want more video content from brands.

Professional video content creation could mean the difference between a Reel that takes off and one that flops. High-quality video content on social media can get your brand in front of thousands of people for a low investment. The amount you would have to spend on an ad to get the same number of views as a viral video is astronomical. Professional video shoots don’t just make your barn or tack store look great– they pay off by growing your digital presence and getting you customers, too.

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

Professional content creation is the gift that keeps on giving. High-resolution videos can be repurposed multiple times on social media with different trending audio, different overlaid text, and even cut and spliced to create new formats. Or use it on your website for explanatory or introductory videos.

Professional photos can be used on all of your social media accounts, on your website, and for personal branding opportunities, such as headshots for when you teach at your next clinic or judge a horse show.

Get creative when looking for new ways to recycle your media assets. Don’t be afraid to use photos in a reel. Spend time brainstorming with your team about new ways to use an old video. Let some time pass and repost your best-performing reel or photo from a few months ago. The best digital marketing strategies repurpose old content in new and exciting ways.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

How often are you left scrambling to find the perfect image or video for your next post? If you’re constantly having to go out and create new content on the fly, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

With professional help, a good digital marketing strategy can make your life easier. Content from one professional shoot can keep your social media accounts full of vibrant, beautiful content for months to come. When you have professionally shot content, you can say goodbye to scrambling to take photos of friends and family wearing your breeches, using your product, or riding in your barn. Instead, you’ll be able to seamlessly create high-quality content across your social media platforms and on your blog.

Content is Key to Great Equine Marketing

Amazing content sets the foundation for an amazing digital presence for your equine business. Professional, high-quality content builds trust with your customers, increases your social media reach, and creates a cohesive aesthetic across all aspects of your digital brand presence.

Without professional-quality content creation, your digital marketing strategy for your equine business will fall well short of the mark and you’ll find yourself wasting thousands on ad spending for poor quality content that gets zero engagement. Great content creation helps your equine business build a top tier digital presence.