Reader Photo Challenge: Father’s Day Edition

On Father’s Day, our readers take a moment to share their photos of their horse dads. 

Today is Father’s Day. In honor of all those horse dads out there who’ve made it possible for their kids to ride and love horses, here are 6 photos of readers’ fathers who supported their kids’ love of horses.

Just wish he would’ve had the chance to watch me compete in the cowhorse. 💔 He raised us with a love for Ag and always supported my insane drive and passion for horses. Photo courtesy of Brittany Wheeler McKerlie.

My dad is always the one cleaning stalls, filling buckets, brushing horse, filming runs. I’m so thankful for my show dad. Photo courtesy of Jenni Lee Birch.

One of my favorite pictures of my dad (Glenn Sinon) and me. This was taken on June 26th, 2015 — almost exactly 7 years ago! I had just finished my first ride on Leira the day after we bought her. I am forever thankful for how hard he worked, and continues to work, to make my biggest dream come true. Photo by the wonderful Bonnie Smith. 💕

My dad taking me for a drive when I was about 3 or 4 with his favorite Hackney Tilley. Photo by Jean Westphal (my mom)

Through the 80s, my return to riding in 2013, and to present, my dad’s support (and mustache) have remained impressive. ❤️ The top photo is most recent – Dad could barely walk and needed back surgery, but still made it out to surprise me at my first three day event. I didn’t see him sitting there in his chair until after my test and tears commenced.❤️ 80s photo by unknown; the other two are by Andrew Brouwer.

My dad and my Arabian, Image 💗 My dad passed away suddenly 2 years ago, and I miss him every day. When I first got into horses, he was afraid to go near them, but never failed to take me to every single riding lesson. As soon as I got Image 10 years ago, my dad would bring him a whole bag of carrots for him every time he visited 🥰 He called himself “the carrot guy”, and Image LOVED it. When my dad passed, I took his senior dog home, who is happily living his days on my farm with my horses who just adore him. 💗 Photo by Shana Canre.

Happy Father’s Day, Horse Nation. Go riding!