SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: The Benefits of Silver Honey

We all know horses constantly are looking for new and inventive ways to hurt and maim themselves. Fortunately, there is a way to minimize scarring when the inevitable does happen. Silver Honey helps. Read on to learn more.

Originally published on the SmartPak Blog. Written by Danielle Franchi. 

Wound care is one of those things you hope to never have to use but is something that is always good to have in your tack trunk, just in case!

I recently had one of these instances and found myself not super thrilled with the initial results of the typical wound care products I had on hand. I had heard a lot of people recommending Silver Honey by Absorbine and decided to give it a try. Long story short, I was blown away by the results.

Photo courtesy of SmartPak

Here’s why:

My horse, Duncan, had a little too much fun in his paddock and came in covered in cuts and I of course panicked. He had a cut over his eye, a couple on his legs, and a pretty large scrape on his knee. Luckily, they were all superficial, but still not insignificant in size or location.

Once I started using Silver Honey, I saw improvement in just a couple days and significant results in about a week. I used the ointment and applied a liberal amount to the area of the cut, as well as the area directly surrounding the edges of the cut, and I did this once a day until they were completely healed. I found the ointment be great for long-lasting coverage, it stayed in place great with no oozing or dripping. It has a thick consistency that is easy to spread across the problem area. I was worried about scarring and white hair growing in, especially over his eye and on his knee area once they wounds healed. I was very pleasantly surprised that not a single white hair grew in and I fully attribute that to the silver honey. The new skin that grew in was so incredibly soft and the hair grew back much faster than I expected. Overall, I was beyond impressed with how well, and how quickly all of Duncan’s wounds healed.

But you don’t have to take my word for how well Silver Honey works, these before and after images of Duncan speak for themselves. The before shots (above) were taken after our turnout incident, before using Silver Honey. The after shots (below) were taken just one week after using Silver Honey. Looking at Duncan now, you would never even be able to tell he ever had cuts in these areas!

I’m seriously convinced this is just some miracle product. It’s perfect for a variety of instances on top of cuts and scraps like, rain rot, scratches, sweet itch, burns and more making it a serious must have in my tack trunk. It’s also made with natural, medical grade active ingredients so you can feel really good about using this on your horse. It works by moisturizing the treatment area as it heals while also protecting the skins natural microbiome for fast and comfortable healing. It also contains ingredients to repel insects away.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

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