SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: If Horses Were People, Farrier Edition

We all know our horses can pull some … creative tricks when it’s time for the farrier. But what if horses were people? In this classic video from SmartPak, Sara and Sarah imagine just that. 

Horses love to test our patience. Sure, we may be anthropomorphizing, but it seems like when the farriers come, our horses just love to prove how naughty they can be in the crossties or at the hitching post. From changing positions to getting mouthy to refusing to hold up their own body work, they just love to show off their “best” moves for the farrier.

But what would it look like if horses were people? Fortunately, we don’t have to wonder, because SmartPak’s own Sara and Sarah are showing us exactly what it would look like if horses were people in this classic video. Enjoy!

In light of all this, be sure to tip your farrier a little extra next time they pay a visit to the barn.

Go SmartPak and go riding!