Reader Photo Challenge: Cats & Their Minions…

… err, friends. We mean equine friends. Yeah… that’s what they are.

Anyone who spends anytime around cats knows who really runs the house or barn. The same goes for horses and cats. Be that as it may, quite a few horses still enjoy time with their barn cats. That’s why this week’s reader photo challenge asked our readers to see their horses and barn cats. We weren’t disappointed! Here are 11 feline and equine pals.

Here’s the whole crew! Poker the OTTB, kit kitty buddy Barbeque, and dog friends Buck, Schatten, and Stumpy. All have long since crossed the rainbow bridge, but they were quite a crew! ❤️ Photo by Jean Connoyer.

Here is our Hobbes on my former Stallion Bravestrom. Hobbes loved going up there – especially when I first take off the turnout and it was warm. He would ask to go up there. Photo by Maureen Hall.

He loves his kitties! Photo by Sasha Moran Reinhold.

Grooming the neighbor’s cat. Photo by Carole Wheatley.

My mare Bliss at a few weeks old with her friend Fang! Photo by Sam Dobbins.

Coach saying hi to Lemur who is actually a three-legged barn cat who is quite a mouser. Photo by Victoria L. Tunis.

Andy and his little buddy Perry who kept him company his entire 18 months he was in Rehab. Photo by Becky J. Cocklin.

The old barn cat was not amused. Photo by Ursula Dreaded.

Denny and his kitty friend. Photo by Lexi Poteat.

Squirt with two of his equine sisters at Sundog Ranch, LLC. Photo by Amy Dulan.

Thor and Jazzy. Photo by Lise Mahoney.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.