Thursday Video: Made for Adventure

“I also knew I wanted to create a place where people can just come and enjoy horses. I wanted to create that positive environment of work here to make people happy around horses.”

Nissan has launched a new ad campaign called “Made for Adventure.” According to Nissan, the campaign “celebrates African-Americans who seek adventure on the path less traveled.”

Nissan has released its final episode, which focuses on Brittney Chambers, the owner of CBC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Academy LLC. Brittney knew she wanted to work with horses from a young age. Despite feeling like she didn’t quite fit in the industry because of the color of her skin, she now leads the charge in creating an inclusive environment for all and a mental health safe haven for anyone who walks through her doors. This is her story.

We can’t get enough of campaigns like these. Happy Thursday, Horse Nation. Go Nissan, go CBC, go Brittney Chambers, and go riding!