Patterns for the Weekend: Improving Strength and Bend

Eight cones, four poles and you’ll be ready to go. 

This oldie but goodie comes our way courtesy of SonoVet Equine Therapy.

This training set up can be done with just a few poles and cones or barrels — it’s a great exercise involving bending (around the cones or barrels) and long and low (over the poles). So, lots of good movements for flexibility and strength for your horse.

Once your horse understands the exercise you can use it to improve transitions by walking over the poles and trotting around the pylons or — with the distances set wider — even swap between trot and canter.

When you do the exercise, use minimal rein and leg aids and focus on guiding your horse with your own balance, seat, and leg cues.

We look forward to offering more exercises to help you and your horse improve. Have a pattern you’re dying to share? Feel free to send it our way. Email the pattern with a diagram to [email protected]. Be sure to put “Patterns for the Weekend” in the subject heading.